and now we approach the end of my past influences, all that will be left to look at after this post will be my very recent and future discoveries.  but first, few of the many artists i have encountered and loved in college, thanks to my many art history and studio art classes, and a few i have come across on my own...

gaudi - casa battlo
gaudi.  i wrote my 25 page senior honors art history thesis about him, and i loved it.  how could someone ever design something like this?  much less over 100 years ago?  and then how could that person find a patron to fund all of these completely insane buildings all over barcelona?  so awe inspiring in so many ways.  if someone asked told me i could live in one of this buildings if i cut off a limb, i would 100% do it.  but don't quote me.  but still, amazing.  love.

hellenistic sculpture.  nike of samathorace is by far my favorite sculpture.  the only other contender anywhere close is coming up next, don't worry.  i was fortunate enough to see her when i went to the louvre and my heart broke and exploded and stopped all at once.  i felt like the grinch when his heart grew.  i could hardly contain it.  my mom was kind enough to humor me as i took endless videos and photographs of it.  look at the movement, the fabric, the lightness.  she is about to fly, victorious.  and she is made out of stone.  what a beautiful contradiction.

rodin.  i didn't see much in his work when i saw it in books.  burghers of callais?  nope, got nothing.  but when i went to the rodin museum in paris, my opinion changed completely.  maybe i was still flying high off of my trip to the louvre, right down the street, but it is by far one of my favorite museums.  a+.  and an exceeds expectations for this sculpture here.  his muse, his meditation (in a more complete form), whatever name you want to give her.  the most amazing silhouette of a human form.  when i saw her copy again in the victoria and albert museum my feelings had only grown stronger.  as opposed to a monet painting, with which i could fall asleep if left alone too long, i wouldn't be able to do anything but sketch her constantly if i were left alone with her for days.

well, i know i'm leaving endless things out, but this is the best i can do for now.  i'm sure i'll wake up in the middle of the night suddenly remembering a painting that almost brought me to tears.
egon schiele, for instance.  see?  i just did it. look at that face, how could you not fall in love with that face?  ah, young protege of klimt, we lost you too soon.
well, there will be time for all of that later.

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