Complete: Map of Delaware 2011.56ab

before treatment
Laid paper on a cardboard backing; black printing ink; watercolor in tan/yellow, red/pink, brown/copper green.
Published in 1816, 10.875"x13.625"

Condition: Paper and backing discolored, brittle; mild surface dirt, small dent in UL corner; watercolor severely faded & copper green pigment corroded.

Dry cleaning
Solubility testing of pigments
Soak backing in distilled water & remove mechanically
Wash suspended in distilled water contained between polyester web
Mend tears with japanese tissue and wheat starch paste

Mother Kill?
Slaughter Creek?  Broad Kill?  Whore Kill Road?
What, exactly went on here?

Backing removal - so easy! 

polyester web pocket for washing

Bath - suspended between polyester web
dirty water

Completed: 6/29/12


Odessa: 6/20

First day at Odessa Historical Foundation in Delaware.  I had a tour of the historic houses, met the director, learned about the history of the foundation itself, and met the maps I'll be working with.  Most are very brittle and discolored.  The first I'll be working on is of Delaware and Virginia made in 1795.  Today I wrote the condition report and treatment proposal, which will involve removing a cardboard backing that was added after the map was removed from binding.  The cardboard is highly acidic and has had a major role in causing discoloration in the paper.  I started today by doing color fastness testing on the watercolor and gouache (they seemed fine, though the gouache was red lead and will probably flake off if agitated), and did some light mechanical cleaning using a vinyl eraser, making sure to avoid areas of color or fine detail.
Georgian gardens

gorgeous furniture