paper for peru

so since using this blog to compile images worked so well last time... lets use it for this too

"Creating design and imagery through the use of colour – painting, block printing, batik, plangi, tie-dye (shibori), ikat"

block printing: originated in asia; multiple blocks used for multi-layered colors; can be done by stamping (usually with fabrics), rubbing (paper & cloth), or with a press

batik: originated in indonesia; done using was resist on fabric, then dye; colors can be layered with addition of wax after each dye

plangi: originated in peru; tie-dye; fabric is bunched and bound before it is dyed

shibori: japanese origins; similar to plangi - bunch, bind, stitch, fold, twist, compress, or cap cloth before dying; these variations are called: kanoko, miura, kumo, nui, arashi, itajime

ikat: common to many cultures (indonesian, many south american countries, asia, india); dye & weaving technique - dye either warp or weft threads first, then weave them into a pattern