so this is a blog for my painting 3 class, but i figure it's about time i hop on the blog bandwagon anyway.  as a way to begin searching out new art i think the best place to start is with what first hooked me.  at the moment i'm a student at indiana university finishing up an undergrad degree in art history and studio art.  i plan on attending graduate school for art conservation and one day working in a conservation lab.  my decision to pursue a career in art conservation came from my love of art, art history, and chemistry.  since my high school ap art history class, when we talked about the conservation of the sistine chapel, conservation had my attention.  before that i was drifting between wanting to be an artist or a chemist, and art conservation is the perfect mix.

in terms of art, i have many sources of inspiration and many areas of experience.  i was lucky enough to go to a high school that had a very good studio art program.  i took photography, ceramics, painting, graphic design, and drawing classes and loved each one.  because of this early exposure, along with my art history courses, when i look at a work of art one of the first things that catches my attention is how it was made, what order things were done in, and what techniques were used.  besides that, i am strongly moved by vivid colors and a celebration of the human form. 

and now, the artists that first inspired me growing up, in a somewhat chronological order...

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