furniture is great

i almost went to school for industrial design.  don't get me wrong, i'm loving where i'm headed with art conservation, but i'm also still jealous of one of my best friends who went to scad and is now designing cat furniture in florida.  regardless, furniture is great, i have a surplus - my roommate used to come home and not be surprised at all by new chairs appearing in our living room.  but unusual furniture is even better.  one day, i hope to have a house or apartment or boat filled with things like these:

rob smith
melting table
what?  fantastic.

and right down here is the beautiful work of michel hallard.  i want to sit in this forever.  his furniture has been suggested to be macabre, but i disagree.  yes, it does have a lot of dead animals involved, but it is quite a celebration of nature, don't you think?

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