William McGreggor Paxton,
Glow of Gold, Gleam of Pearl
so i'm going to the ima tomorrow to check out the conservation lab, courtesy of my supervisor doug sanders at the alf.  i'm stoked that he invited me, but i am a bit embarrassed that i haven't ever been to the ima, despite living an hour away for a whole 4 years.

so i figured i'd take a look at some of their highlights.  and then relay some of my highlights of those highlights.

this one just has got to be aestheticism.  turn of the century, english, rich colors, display of the sexual female form purely for the beauty of it.  approved.

and, as a sidenote, my snake is named paxton, so that just adds to the excitement.

Childe Hassam, Cliff rock - Appledore

as far as impressionism goes, this one is alright.  and impressionism paintings are about a million times better in person, so hopefully i'll be able to take a peek at this one...

let's see let's see

Henri Fuseli, Announcing the Birth of Heracles
i like prints.  i like this print.  i like how you can see the process, it seems as if it's still wet.  the addition of graphite washes really does a lot.  the crisp lines are very appropriate for the medium.  beautiful.  simple.  and it's by fuseli, which is pretty great.

and i like print rooms.  in the oasis of quiet in busy worlds that is the museum, they are the fountain of water at the center.

so that'll be fun.  i'm not too sure how much of the public part of the museum i'll actually see... i got the impression that we'll be in the caverns of the building staring at very small tears on vellum or something.  my mother has the idea that as a conservator i will be a hermit, left alone in some dark corner of a museum basement painstakingly inpainting constantly with no social life at work to speak of.  i've gotten a much different impression of what art conservation will be like, but we'll see how the ima fares...

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