the lens

i take a lot of photos, but few of them would be considered artistic.  unless you consider compulsively documenting everything the least bit artistic.  but there were the days when i went around with my dad and took pictures on his gorgeous cannon (i think) with his 20+ year old lenses.  the photos (usually of architecture) always were so much more than an image of something else; they stood on their own, apart from the subject.  i miss the days in the darkroom, frustrated with print after print until just the right filter had been used to achieve those rich blacks and crisp whites in all the right places.  one day i will actually own a dslr of my very own.  and one day i'll also get my hands on a film slr of my very own as well, which will hopefully inspire me to rig up a darkroom in the house i will eventually live in.  one day.  in the meantime i will have to be satisfied in looking at amazingly nostalgic photos like these:

timur civan attached a century old lens to a dlsr and had amazing results.  i approve.

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