ed hardy

ed hardy sucks.  horrible.  embarrassing for those of us that actually do have tattoos.  insulting to people who actually know what koi and sparrows represent.  ugh.  plus, the shirts are tacky on top of it all.  as are the hats, socks, jackets, pants, swimsuits, underwear, shoes, and every other form of apparel and accessory they're able to put an image on.  if i saw this bedspread in anyone but an angsty 6 year old's bedroom i would immediately have the urge to burn the whole room.  especially because it would probably signal that the closet is filled with similarly horrible fashion choices.  i'm sorry if you like him.  and i hope that you immediately reconsider.

i feel like it insults any tattoo artist with any amount of self respect.  and there are some amazingly fantastic ones out there.

amory, peace cranes
amory abbott, in indianapolis, is one such artist.  i would love to get a tattoo from him.  maybe that's what i'll do with my birthday money...

first of all, it's a sweet tattoo.  second of all, fantastic work.  most tattoo artists have similar styles, with the variation between work mainly coming from skill.  i feel like amory approaches tattoos in a different way.  his colors, too, aren't quite what you'd expect on a tattoo.  i think it's because he understands the effect the skin tone will have with the overall look.  his blues don't look sickly, they look bright blue and 100% independent of the skin they're on.

he also has an art/illustration blog that is full of more awesome work.

(<- i mean, look at that.  from a spoon inlay.  nuts.  that'd be impressive on paper, much less human flesh)

another artist (not tatto, nor local, but still awesome and a really cool guy), phil lewis, somehow reminds me of amory.  maybe it's the colors or the illustrative quality of the work but... they're both great.
 phil lewis, magnolia moonrise

dina verplank
back to the topic of amory, he used to work at the voltua tattoo parlor (when i heard about him a few years ago from some guys at a bar - best bar conversation with strangers i've ever had).  as i said, he doesn't work there anymore, as far as i understand, but the artists that are still there are pretty fantastic too.   they all have similar non-traditional-tattoo styles and use really vibrant colors.  this one to the right is dina verplank, and below is laura black.

ah, maybe i'll get another.  they're great.  and ed hardy sucks so much more thanks to these artists.  ugh.

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