it's close to midnight...

thrillers.  i don't watch many of those.  but i will paint one, i guess.  currently i'm thinking something old style - a bit ridiculous, like the 50 foot woman.  hmm.  silhouettes and high contrast and shadows.  maybe like lepus.  hah.  what if i paint just tons of rabbits? 

no clue.  or maybe i can figure out a way to fill the diorama with smoke.

i will continue thinking.  i like the figure, i like fabric, i like contrast, hmm.

or maybe i take a completely different route and go for the all too perfect creepy feel.  funny games style.  (let me add that i haven't seen most of these movies, but the previews really to tell a lot, especially about how the thriller aspect is set up).  we shall see.

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