conservation: beginning of paper

in september i began volunteering at the auxiliary library facility (alf) conservation lab (part of iu libraries).  i started small, but loved those baby steps.  there's something about conservation labs - their neatness and calm - that is very soothing, regardless of what the task is.  and i think i have an affinity for the tedious.  among other things i worked on a set of letters about a hundred years old.  pretty gentle treatment - surface cleaning and tear mending (with japanese tissue and wheat paste).

surface cleaning!  dirty paper, brush, eraser shavings

cleaner paper

mending station: wheat paste, tweezers, brush, scalpel, tacking iron, weights, remay, blotter

torn paper

mended paper!

nice view, sunny day

back room of the lab - beautifully clean

nasty tear

mended! (almost) good as new

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