charlottesville: week 1

waiting on a background check before i can actually do anything.  everyone is quite nice and i'm very excited to start working and i hope the background check won't take too long so i can begin.  i haven't seen the lab i'll be in yet, but the rare and circulating books room (i think?) is quite nice and there are many familiar things (filmoplast, ribbon tape, reemay, eraser crumbs) so that's comforting...

meet the posters!  morning spent unzipping the photo files, renaming them, organizing them, color correcting.  these will be my 24 new best friends for the next six weeks.  i'll include the photos of the back once i actually start working on them.  some of them are twins:

documentation.  description of the posters, condition reports, and proposed treatments with time estimates.  most of them are getting the basic dry cleaning followed by tear mending.  there are a couple that have linings, which should be interesting, and some with tape that will have to be removed

eliza and i reviewed the documentation and treatment proposal, i fine tuned a lot of the formatting and wording but for the most part i was pretty successful with my first draft!  now it's off to be approved so i can start working on them soon.  we also took a trip over to the rare books building and did some rehousing (books with fragile pages or bindings put into boxes) and did a collection survey for rare books being used by courses (specifically, the rare book school, which isn't actually part of the university but it lives on campus and uses its books).  i really should read up on bookbinding more, they're gorgeous.  maybe in my downtime here i'll make myself a little more familiar with them, seeing as there are a few around the lab that are pretty fantastic.

half of the cotton lining removed

started on "teufel hunden" today.  eliza had done others with similar linings - cotton cloth with heat set tissue - that had come off easily.  this one was not quite the same.  the cloth came off in about 15 minutes, but the tissue was more stubborn.  i worked on it using a microspatula and scalpel for 5 hours and there's still about 15% left.
start of tissue removal
...still working on the tissue

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