charlottesville: week 3

more hinge tightening, tear mending, and page guarding in the preservation room!

compliments on my page guarding, wonderful.  suggestions that i stay and mend books forever.  apparently japanese tissue, wheat paste, and i get along quite well.

glassine tape removal with methylcellulose

hot air pencil!
back to the posters!  something new: tape removal.  glassine is simple (see above) - a dab of methylcellulose left to sit for a few minutes and it comes clean off.  there's still a little bit of adhesive residue, but another touch of methylcellulose will handle that.  scotch tape is not so simple.  pressure sensitive adhesive is much trickier.  a hot air pencil and a micro spatula gets the carrier off, although it took me a few runs to get the hang of using both of them at the same time without burning the paper but still keeping the plastic soft enough to release.  i like the technique of heating up the tool instead of heat directly to the plastic but for some of the better adhered parts the tool didn't seem to get quite hot enough to get between the paper and carrier, so there was a lot of switching back and forth.  then, after all of that, there's still the left behind adhesive to deal with, which is the tedious part.  a vinyl eraser, my best friend these days, does the job but not terribly fast.  in the end though, it all came away clean.
the evil scotch tape
the magic tools: hot air pencil and micro spatula
1) removal - you can't see the hot air pencil
pointing at the microspat.  it's there.  it's helping.
2) plastic carrier removed!  adhesive... still there
3) vinyl eraser to the rescue again
everything off!  the paper is still discolored,
but that's the price of scotch tape.

before - eew.
finishing up the last of the scotch tape!  we're leaving the masking tape issues for tomorrow.  the rest of the day was spent in mending tears and skinning, and my first poster is complete!  total time is 11 hours (a bit more than my proposal predicted) but it looks good!  the lucky winner is the second copy of "fight or buy bonds."  only 23 left to go!
after - it's finished!
most don't have tape, so from here on out i'll just be mending, and i still have those two with linings to finish up... although now that i have a handle on the hot air pencil that might help out.

mending tools!

1 - torn up corner

2) sizing up the japanese tissue

3) japanese tissue on

4) pressure & blotter

5) rough edges but safe

6) all cleaned up!

we had a go at the masking tape, it went alright.  the acetone chamber turned out to be too much and the adhesive began to seep through the paper to the front a bit, so we switched to just using a soaked cotton swab, which still resulted in a bit of seeping but wasn't near as strong.  it did successfully clear up the back though!  i also mended another poster, and now have another TWO finished.
total completed posters: 3!

acetone soaked blotter, making a solvent chamber

adhesive starts to soften

removal of adhesive using a cotton swab!
(sometimes soaked with additional acetone)

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