charlottesville: week 5

DAY 1:
tear mending, starting on the coated posters so more care with the wetness of the paste and such.  the coated ones are a bit nicer in ways because of the thickness of the paper allows some approach (very carefully so as not to disrupt the clay coating) from the front - attacking tears and folds from both sides.

DAY 2:
tear mending today, a couple more finished.  i did a fill on one of the posters that had a large loss.  i used prismacolor colored pencils and matched the poster color in that area over the japanese tissue used for the mend.  it isn't meant to fool anyone, but it lessens the distraction of what would otherwise be a large white chunk in the middle of a block of color.

DAY 3:
tear mending and some glassine tape removal!  poster #17 complete, only 7 more to go.  although the last ones are the trickiest (those lined ones are still waiting... )

DAY 4:
more mending, some paper tape removal too

DAY 5:
breakthrough with the heat set tissue!  i am lucky and it turns out the adhesive softens in response to heat, so the hot air pencil works on it.  it takes about as much time, but the result is better.  20 posters officially finished, 4 more to go!

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