In Progress: Map of Maryland and Delaware 68.820

Laid paper on a cardboard backing; black printing ink; watercolor in red, blue, green, tan.

Published in 1795, 18.375"x15.1875"

Condition: Paper and backing discolored, brittle; water damage in UR and UL corners accompanied by a powdery deposit; foxing; small holes along left margin from previous binding; possible silverfish damage; mild surface dirt, small dent in UL corner; watercolor faded; red is lead-based and showing cracking.


Dry cleaning
Soak backing in distilled water & remove mechanically
Blotter wash in distilled water w/ a reservoir
Blotter wash w/ 1.5% peroxide
Backing - Very Acidic

Backing Removal...

Backing Removed, Pre-Washing
Blotter Washing

Dirt Pouring Out

Dirty Water, Round 2 

Post-Washing, Verso

Post-Washing, Recto

Solubility testing of pigments

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