the horror

untitled 2001

gregory crewdson:

all of his photos look like something horrible just happened. something horrible and devastating and life shattering. these are not good choices of art for a child's room.

untitled 2001
all of the people look very stiff, tense.  and the small signs of life around them make them so much more real, and imply that they were very normal until just a little while ago

my favorite is the last one here, untitled winter 2005.  that creepy lady in the back makes this one stand out against the rest.  in the others you can tell that things aren't alright, but this one actually has a source for the tension.  also, the three mirror deal reminds me of this really terrible horror movie i came across in high school about a lady with multiple personalities, lizzie
untitled 1999
untitled winter 2005

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