some good contemporary artists

they are out there, the rumors are true.

adam miller.

he paints like the old masters, and had a similar upbringing too.  he began as an apprentice when he was 13, accepted into florence academy of art by 16, toured europe studying the masters, and has since received all sorts of awards.  i'm pretty sure that story (give or take a few years for the ages) can be applied to a slew of artists from the renaissance.  not so many contemporary ones, though.
but adam miller goes much further than following the skeleton cliche life structure for a master painter, his technical skill is comparable to any painter in an art history book.  and maybe it's the red fabric, but he reminds me of titian with a mute color palette.  and a little bit of traditional dutch painter in there too, something about the skin...


beth cavener stichter

whaaaat?  awesome sculpture.  looks like she threw a bunch of clay together and it happens to look exactly like a wolf.  and this is no accident.  every single one of her sculptures are the most alive looking thrown together lumps of clay i've ever seen.

ecstasy of austin kincaid
james roper

so hard to pick just one thing.  so i won't.  all of his work is so different.  his paintings looook like there are figures all over the place but for some reason i just can't find them.  and his drawings seem like just lines and colors until a closer look that shows they're people.  and his sculptures are inanimate all around.  great.

the involuted submergent

i like figures.  i like fabric.  so does she.  and she paints them really really well.


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